Pre-Conference Workshops

Some of the most compelling workshops and gatherings happen before the Conference begins!

Wednesday, November 15

Lessons Learned in Prevention and Response to Sexual Misconduct


Creating cultures of safety remains a critical issue on boarding school campuses. Now, as we look back on seven years of learning since TABS and NAIS joined forces to pinpoint effective measures for prevention and response of sexual misconduct, join a group of seasoned educators, researchers, and attorneys for an interactive workshop focused on sharing and examining lessons learned in our communities.

 In this unique moment to unite, share, and learn from the collective wisdom and experiences of the boarding school community, participants will:

  • Discuss findings and learnings since the release of the task force report, focusing on trauma-informed responses to sexual assault incidents.

  • Share and learn about robust strategies, policies, and programs designed to counter sexual misconduct.

  • Engage in meaningful exchanges with fellow participants, aiming to harness the shared experiences and insights from a wide spectrum of independent schools.

  • Establish norms for addressing sensitive and challenging topics and ensuring confidentiality and trauma-informed discourse throughout the workshop and beyond.

Note: This workshop will address sensitive and challenging topics. Care will be taken to establish norms to ensure confidentiality and trauma-informed discourse.

Holly Barcroft, General Counsel, Phillips Exeter Academy
Jenny Elliott, Head of Student and Academic Life, Choate Rosemary Hall
Susan Esty, Dean of Students, Phillips Academy
Jessica Herbster, General Counsel, Phillips Academy
Karen Lassey, Assistant Principal, Phillips Exeter Academy

Christina Palmer, Director of Student Well-Being, Phillips Exeter Academy

Charol Shakeshaft, Professor, Education Leadership, VCU School of Education

Breaking Down Barriers: Expanding your Expertise for Effective Leadership


When it comes to landing a new leadership role, the challenge lies in bridging the gap between your experience and the prerequisites of the position. Join us for an insightful session that encourages you to break down the barriers of your role and gain experience beyond your daily responsibilities. Discover how understanding areas outside your role can significantly enhance both your job performance and your career trajectory.

Our panel of expert consultants in enrollment management, finance, academic leadership, and advancement will help you learn how to reach across the aisle, whether you aspire to leadership, wish to support your colleagues in their leadership journeys, or simply recognize the value of understanding even more about the school you serve. We’ll delve into entry points and current trends in each of these critical areas, equipping you with valuable insights and knowledge to excel in your career and foster a culture of leadership within your school.
Chris Baker, President, The Baker Group; Practice Leader, Carney, Sandoe & Associates
Sara Shulman, Consultant, Carney, Sandoe & Associates
Elyse Waterhouse, Consultant, Carney, Sandoe & Associates
Karen Whitaker, Senior Consultant, Carney, Sandoe & Associates

Leveraging Technology and Data to Achieve Enrollment Goals


What inspires families to choose boarding school–and what makes them stay? Join experts from Blackbaud and leaders in boarding school admission for a data-driven discussion about challenges and solutions in the realms of retention, financial aid, and leveraging data to design and implement a winning strategy for your school’s unique context. You’ll leave with new insights and approaches to:
  • Driving enrollment and retention while staying true to your mission
  • Leveraging technology to maximize your school’s funnel Utilizing financial aid as a recruitment tool
  • Applying insights from case studies and success stories
  • Aligning DEI, culture, and retention goals Join us to engage with your peers and industry leaders, and leave with actionable strategies, greater insight, and vibrant connections.


Senior leaders from Blackbaud

New Heads symposium

WEDNESDAY 9am–3pm • by invitation only

Whether you’re a first-time Head or have years of experience as a Head but are new to the boarding school world, the challenges and experiences of boarding school headship are unique.

Join seasoned TABS heads of school for a day of fellowship and conversation including:

  • Boarding school management and lessons learned

  • Working with boarding school boards for best results

  • Public and community leadership

  • Balancing our home and family lives within the unique context of boarding school

Build your network of fellow heads, offload your questions, and take with you valuable advice from seasoned boarding heads of school and your network of TABS leaders.

Henry Fairfax, Head of School at Concord Academy

Anthony Sgro, Head of School at Asheville School

Rachel Stone, Head of School at Canterbury School