B-6 Only “A” Players. What can Bill Belichick’s Approach to Building a Championship Roster Teach US about Faculty Hiring?

As Coach Belichick once said, “To live in the past is to die in the present.” Even as changes abound in hiring throughout the corporate world, staffing practices in boarding schools – from hiring to standard faculty responsibilities – remain fairly unchanged over the past 30 years. By making hiring a full-time, year-round endeavor, schools can work to build a team of “A” Players that will bring the value-added benefit of boarding schools to life. Shifting from a reactive to a creative, proactive approach that resembles private sector talent acquisition will allow schools to identify, pool, and hire top-level talent to fill any opening. Once assembled, schools then must work to ensure that these “A” players are deployed in roles that best fit their talents and simultaneously support the programmatic needs of schools. Building a championship roster takes work and commitment. It is time for Boarding Schools to shake up our faculty hiring and deployment practices!


Nov 12 2021

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  • Date: Nov 12 2021
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