Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Most sessions will include a recorded presentation available to all Conference attendees throughout the Conference until the end of December 2020

Dr Rodney Glasgow

Head of School and President of
The Glasgow Group

PRE-CON & Spotlight Speaker

#BlackAtBoarding: The Journey Toward Racial Justice in Boarding Schools

During late spring and early summer 2020, issues of racial justice and inequities in the United States came into the cultural spotlight in ways unseen for decades. Protests and pleas for change found conviction and commitment on boarding school campuses across the continent. Perhaps most visibly, alumni and students in many boarding and independent school settings created #BlackAt social media accounts to share—often anonymously —their experiences as black, indigenous and people of color in boarding school communities.


Dr. Rodney Glasgow, President of the Glasgow Group and Head of School at Maryland’s Sandy Spring Friends School, has championed the work of diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools for decades. For boarding communities beginning the journey, as well as schools well along the path, we invite school leaders, staff and faculty to join Dr. Glasgow for a preview to TABS Conference conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion. We’ll explore:


How do we begin—or deepen—conversations about race in our communities?


What have been the most productive and healing responses to BlackAt movements on boarding school campuses?


What are best practices in anti-racism for independent schools?


What are helpful frameworks and formats for understanding one another better as we discuss race, racism and racial bias?

Pre-Con Nov 9 at 3:00pm | Spotlight Dec 7 at noon


Rosetta Lee

Seattle Girls' School

Spotlight Speaker

Cultural Competency in Boarding Schools:
What Leaders Need to Know

As leaders of our institutions, we need to have strategic vision and global understanding to manage meaningful change. What demographic and philosophical changes make diversity and inclusion an imperative rather than a value added? What factors help us understand where the school is on the spectrum of exclusive clubs to inclusive organizations? How do we move our communities strategically at the pace that is right for the school? What are some best practices for getting the right people to the school and leveraging their talents? How do we sustain our positive growth over time? Let’s discuss these questions and gather tools to help our schools become the leading edge of cultural competency, inclusion, and equity.

December 8 • 12:00pm ET


Lawrence Alexander

Carney Sandoe & Associates

Spotlight Speaker

Racial Justice and Inclusion in Boarding Schools: Engaging the Conversations We’re Not Having

Boarding schools are intentionally cultivated and curated communities – from each student to each employee to each blade of grass on our quads. How then do we reckon with the inequities within our carefully crafted communities?  How might we address students and employees of color who have felt invited but not welcomed, and develop accountability within our strategic and institutional practices regarding racial equity and inclusion?

Come discuss with Lawrence Alexander, lead consultant for the Equity and Inclusion practice at Carney, Sandoe & Associates, ways that we can facilitate conversations we have deferred for far too long, working to restore justice and build resilience in our students and our communities.

December 9 • 12:00pm ET

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Past Meets Present: Indigenous Land Acknowledgements

If you watched the Academy Awards, you heard Taika Waititi's land acknowledgement for the Tongva, Tataviam, and Chumash. At Brooks School, we live and learn on land once inhabited by the Pennacook people and we acknowledge their enduring presence. We believe land acknowledgement keeps schools in touch with the past and committed to thoughtful, ongoing stewardship for the future. Join this session to learn how your school can research, write, and integrate an acknowledgement of first peoples.

Susanna Waters

Academic Dean, Brooks School, MA

Amanda Nasser

History Faculty, Brooks School, MA

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Transgender Athletes: "What is the right way to set the rules so everybody has a fighting chance?"

This presentation will summarize the facts and current posture of two Title IX actions and their impact on independent secondary schools, both on and off the athletic field. We will also discuss more generally the issue of transgender athletic participation and the impact on our schools, our athletic leagues and the intersection with equity, fairness and compliance with state and federal law.

Christopher Brigham

Shareholder, Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, P.C., CT

Kati Eggert

Director of Athletics, The Ethel Walker School, CT


Meera Viswanathan

Head, Ethel Walker School


Diversity, equity & inclusion

The CORE of Community: Restorative Justice in Boarding Schools

Participants will learn how Dublin School moved to a system based in restorative justice and will have opportunities to consider how restorative models might work in their institutions. C.O.R.E. (Community Organizations for Restorative Education) is Dublin’s restorative justice group comprised of six student organizations; its goal is to build a more just, responsible community and understand that (1) violations of community values cause harm, (2) justice should focus on repairing that harm, and (3) community members affected by the violation should be welcome to participate in its resolution.

Rachael Jennings

Director of Equity, Justice, and Belonging, Assistant Dean of Students, English Instructor, Dublin School NH

Brooks Johnson

Dean of Students, Dublin School, NH

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Being White In An Age of Color

What is the experience of whiteness in a time of inclusivity and social change? Many white people do not identify as "white," which can lead to considerable defensiveness, uncertainty, and misunderstanding when schools emphasize diversity. In an informal, nonjudgmental manner, we will explore how "whiteness" fits into personal identity and the kinds of anxieties and opportunities that multiculturalism presents for white faculty.

Sam Osherson

Faculty, Stanley King Counseling Institute, MA

Diversity, equity & inclusion

The Boarding School Reality for Black and Brown Faculty

This presentation coalesces the lived experiences shared by a 2019 PoCC panel of boarding school faculty of color, who shared a pragmatic lens of being Black and Brown, and living and working in a boarding school. While boarding schools have ameliorated their efforts to extend citizenship to faculty of color, we'll offer a unique lens into what faculty of color wrestle with as they lack agency and critical mass for institutional growth.

Edward Carson

Dean of Multicultural Education, The Governor’s Academy, MA

Dr. James Greenwood

Dean of DEI, Western Reserve Academy

Faith Kagwa

Associate Dean of Students, The Governor’s Academy



Diversity, equity & inclusion

Navigating Difficult Conversations as a School Community: Deepening the Discussion About Race

This workshop will provide an in-depth look at the deepening model for professional development on diversity, equity and inclusion. We will address ways to build a resilient community that is able to value dissonance, and work collaboratively towards racial equity while not attacking one another. Participants will experience equity-based, protocols that help them develop personal awareness, understand the role of emotional intelligence in transforming attitudes and beliefs, and deepen their capacity to engage in courageous conversations.

Holly Hinderlie

School Psychologist/Upper School Counselor at Holton-Arms School