Dr. Rodney Glasgow

Head of School, Sandy Spring Friends School
and President of the Glasgow Group


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#BlackAtBoarding: The Journey Toward Racial Justice in Boarding School

NOVEMBER 9 • 3:00–5:00PM

During late spring and early summer 2020, issues of racial justice and inequities in the United States came into the cultural spotlight in ways unseen for decades. Protests and pleas for change found conviction and commitment on boarding school campuses across the continent. Perhaps most visibly, alumni and students in many boarding and independent school settings created #BlackAt social media accounts to share — often anonymously — their experiences as black, indigenous and people of color in boarding school communities.

Dr. Rodney Glasgow, President of the Glasgow Group and Head of School at Maryland’s Sandy Spring Friends School, has championed the work of diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools for decades. For boarding communities beginning the journey, as well as schools well along the path, we invite school leaders, staff and faculty to join Dr. Glasgow for a preview to TABS Conference conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion. We’ll explore:

How do we begin—or deepen—conversations about race in our communities?

What have been the most productive and healing responses to BlackAt movements on boarding school campuses?

What are best practices in anti-racism for independent schools?

What are helpful frameworks and formats for understanding one another better as we discuss race, racism and racial bias?
Dr. Rodney Glasgow is an innovative educational leader, published author, renowned keynote speaker, diversity practitioner, and current Head of School at Sandy Spring Friends School, a progressive, coed, college preparatory Quaker school serving students in preschool (age 3) through 12th grade. Rodney joined SSFS as the School’s eighth Head of School in July 2020 after nearly 20 years of experience in progressive and independent school settings as a seasoned educator and senior administrator.

Rodney is an independent school alumnus himself, a graduate of Gilman School in his hometown of Baltimore, MD. With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and African American studies from Harvard University, a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Columbia University’s Klingenstein Center, and a Doctorate of Education degree from The George Washington University, Rodney has held classroom, boardroom, and administrative leadership positions at several nationally-recognized independent schools. Rodney is both a natural teacher and a lifelong learner. Rodney strives to better understand and transform learning spaces by facilitating meaningful interactions and reflections among faculty and students that expand their possibilities for growth, change, and fulfillment of purpose.

Along with his teaching and administrative experience in the independent school world, Rodney is well-known as a diversity advocate and facilitator who believes deeply in fostering a sense of belonging as a tool for nurturing brave and just spaces. He is founder and Chair of the National Diversity Practitioners Institute for educators and administrators, as well as the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference, which is attended each year by over 1800 high school students nationwide. Rodney is also President and Principal Consultant of the Glasgow Group, LLC, which works with schools, individuals, and organizations to create and promote equitable and just practices that harness the power of diversity and inclusivity. The recipient of the People of Courage Award from the City of Worcester and a featured writer in “One Teacher in Ten in the New Millennium: LGBT Educators Speak Out About What’s Gotten Better…and What Hasn’t.”

Rodney is passionate about encouraging students to find and express the fullness of their identities, and providing transformative educational environments that allow students and teachers to lead and learn together.