Academic Administration

Most sessions will include a recorded presentation available to all Conference attendees throughout the Conference until the end of December 2020


Proficiency Ed Update: The Death of Measuring Seat-Time

The Covid-19 crisis added to the many reasons why schools must switch from time-based industrial models to proficiency-based models, where students master each step before moving on. Public schools are currently leading the movement. Learn about what public and private days schools are doing and how boarding schools can transition to this increasingly favored, student-centered model.

Mark Siegel

Asst Headmaster, Delphian School, OR


Change Management in the Competency Movement

As schools fight to stay relevant and search for ways to engage students in meaningful learning experiences, many are looking to competency education. How might you transition your teaching model? How might you create assessment systems that are mission-driven? In this session, two schools leading in this work will share stories and roadmaps.

Mike Peller

Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning, The White Mountain School, NH

Sam Talcott

STEM Faculty, The White Mountain School, NH

Matthew Williams

English Faculty, The White Mountain School, NH


Partnership for Professional Learning

Large scale, school-wide, pedagogical initiatives can create transformational shifts in teaching that lead to deeper learning for students. When schools undertake these initiatives, they must create a professional learning process for faculty that is thorough, consistent, and easy to navigate, so that faculty feel supported with the changes. This session will explore the partnership between two schools, in which they created a professional learning process for faculty to support a new initiative that enhances the school’s priorities of offering a globalized curriculum and project-based learning.

Jessica Cattogio

Director of Educator Development, World Leadership School, CO


Dr. Sarah Morrison

Director, Learning, Teaching, and Research Visual & Performing Arts Department | Vocal/Choral Music, Appleby College, ON


Welcome to Our World: Creating a Mission-Aligned Teacher Orientation

How do you create a joyful teacher orientation experience that meets the needs of teachers from different disciplines, and with different levels of experience? How do you create a framework for continued, mission-aligned growth? A sense of belonging? We will share the successes and struggles of the Masters School’s New Faculty Experience, a two-year program that supports new teachers through a coordinated program of orientation, coaching and observation, mentorship, and more!

Jason Hult

Director of Learning Initiatives, The Masters School, NY

Marianne Van Brummelen

Math Teacher and Pedagogical Coach, The Masters School, NY


Learning for the Long Term from COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic ended our school year early, we recognized the opportunity to create long-lasting systems that would help us align our curriculum, manage extended student absences, empower our department chairs, and leverage our close advisor/advisee relationships, making us a stronger school even after things return to normal. We found that distance learning was a great vehicle for our student-centered curriculum, and we identified ways to build on our strengths when we couldn't be together as a community.

Gwyneth Connell

Director of the Grauer Institute, Pomfret School, CT


Donald Gibbs

Assistant Head of School, Pomfret School, CT


Tie Watkins

Director of Technology, Pomfret School, CT


roundtable discussion:

Lessons Learned and Innovations that Will Endure Beyond 2020

Join Mark Seigel, Assistant Headmaster at Delphian School, and colleagues to hear and share the best lessons and practices to come out of the last nine months of forced disruption and innovation in the realm of academics. We’ll discuss the developments of 2020 that are worth sustaining into the future.

Mark Seigel

Assistant Headmaster, Delphian School