Some of the most timely and compelling workshops at this year’s conference happen before the conference! Join us Thursday, November 10.

DEI Leadership in Boarding Schools Summit

THursday 1pm–4pm

When boarding schools serve not just as schools but as homes for our students, the stakes are higher than ever for leading the effort to cultivate truly inclusive residential communities. And yet, within this political and cultural climate, it can be a challenging and often lonely leadership journey. Join DEI leaders from across TABS member schools for an afternoon of community, sharing and collaboration designed to build networks and share lessons learned.

RISD President and TABS Keynote, Crystal Williams, will kick off with a recollection of her own journey in DEI leadership before we break into discussion groups customized for new DEI leaders and leaders with years of experience eager to share challenges and opportunities they face.

We’ll end with a presentation on the crucial partnership between the Head of School and DEI Leader, offering a roadmap for partnership that could amplify your leadership efforts.

Crystal Williams, Rhode Island School of Design

James Greenwood, Western Reserve Academy


So, You’re An Administrator — Now What? A Skills-based Summit for New Administrators

THursday 9am–12pm

Your talent and work ethic have opened the door to your new role, but where do you learn the skills essential for success in your new leadership role? Join three seasoned administrators from three different boarding schools to explore critical skills and mindsets for effectiveness in your new journey, and build a network of friends and colleagues navigating similar challenges and opportunities.

  • Delegating. How to give meaningful work to foster growth in your colleagues and move the team forward faster.
  • How to manage direct report staff. Setting clear expectations, providing feedback.
  • Strategic Thinking. Specific strategies that help you separate the daily demands of your job and focus on the longer term and bigger picture questions.
  • In-house (and neighborhood) Professional Development: Who are you learning from at your school? At other schools in your area?

Wendy Skinner, Western Reserve Academy

Ryan Pagotto, Blair Academy

Angela Yang-Handy, Hebron Academy


THursday 1pm–4pm

You’ve got the talent, you’ve got the work ethic, you’ve got the experience. How might you chart your unique journey to leadership in the world of boarding schools?

As the labor market continues to evolve and experts report greater turnover among educational leaders, we invite you to join TABS boarding school heads, experts from Carney, Sandoe & Associates, and other aspiring leaders for a workshop exploring avenues for building your leadership skills and portfolio as you anticipate and pursue future opportunities.

We’ll discuss strategies for mentorship and feedback, the skill set for leadership in a volatile moment, building your own “kitchen cabinet,” managing up, down and across, and building your own network of aspirational colleagues and mentors.

Carney, Sandoe & Associates

Video Production Bootcamp: A Strategic Approach to DIY Video Production

THursday 1pm–4pm

In this age of TikTok, Youtube and Instagram Stories, video can be an incredibly powerful tool for communicating the value of your school to potential and current students, but video production can seem complicated, expensive, and technically daunting. In this hands-on intensive workshop, you’ll gain practical skills for producing videos in-house using inexpensive but high quality tools.

Hans Mundahl, Enrollment Management Association